A long wait at the register is a thing of the past. Stream was developed from the ground up with a focus on speed. Now your cashiers can stay ahead of the customer during the ordering process, allowing a shortened transaction and increased customer satisfaction.

Stream uses less buttons with an intelligence that allows the system to understand every day trends, while still accommodating marketing strategies.

By simplifying the ordering process Stream will reduce each individual transaction time.


Stream prevents overages and shortages on cash management by taking the guess work out. Stream can:

  • Determine your register balance immediately with in store or off sight computer access.
  • Track the security threshold and give a cash drop prompt.
  • Keep cashier accountable by tracking money from drawer to safe with a fingerprint signature.
  • Simplify the cash back process by spelling out exact change.
  • Free up your manager by offering an order verification screen before tendering.
  • Intelligence

    Stream will analyze individual reports and raw numbers, interpreting data that will allow your company intelligence at the click of a button.

    This software allows you to understand trends individual to your own company, tracking the ebb and flow of your customer traffic and your most popular customer demands. This will allow you to be prepared for every scenario.

    The predictive analysis capabilities of this software can increase your customer service while decreasing labor and food cost. Stream will help you order inventory, schedule labor and determine food preparation needs.

    Today's competitive restaurant environment demands more from every aspect of your business. From the way you serve the customer to the way you buy your ingredients. Stream, a product from Custom Register Solutions, was developed to increase speed, accuracy and intelligence in all aspects of restaurant management. With the ability to analyze data in real time Stream helps to take the guess work out of ordering, food prep, labor projections and real time management of production cost.